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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'll be back in April

I am so sorry I have not held up my end of the bargain. You know the one I am talking about. I blog and you read. I have been overwhelmed with laundry, job hunting, kids and just life in general. I have taken up some book reading to calm my nerves and it is somehow working for now. I will get back to blogging but probably after I have had a much needed break from work and laundry. I am sorry. Come back in April when I am refreshed and back to my old witty self.

Come on SPRING!


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