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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wednesday's Randoms

Well I have some random things running through my mind:

1.) Got a life changing event that may happen Friday. I am super excited. I hope to tell about it later.

2.) I tried to email my son's teacher last night. I had questions-lots. I was typing away when I accidentally hit the back button. Great email, gone. I was too tired to start over.

3.) I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. It was an outside wedding which included a mansion, horse and carriage, over flowing drinks, good food and music. I also had a mini reunion with childhood friends that I had not seen in years. Did I mention I was out with my husband, dressed up and on a break from the kids? It was good evening.

4.) A co-worker of mine is leaving to take a new job. Her last day is tomorrow. I am really sad about this. We have worked together for the past 4 1/2 years. She became a dear friend in that time. I am happy for her but sad for me.

5.) My current job ends on December 31st--I am nervous about this and yet excited at the same time. It is definitely time for change.

6.) I was really fly a the wedding on Saturday.

7.) I participated in a 5k earlier this year. I didn't run it but I had been running, from March til the end of May. I liked it. No, I loved it. I missed ii so I have begun to run again. I run Saturday mornings and at least 3-4 days after work. I give it a good 20-30 minutes. The kids love joining me. My oldest will kick around his soccer ball or ride his electric scooter and my youngest loves to be pushed in his little riding car. Jogging stroller my foot! As long as we have wheels, we are gone!

8.) I am done with randoms for now. I need to try and email my son's teacher again.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I woke up this morning and saw this. As much as I like the lessons board games teach I am refraining from buying more until my two year becomes a four year old. Going back to bed now. This mess has disturbed me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weirdest Thing Happened

On Wednesday I picked my youngest up from daycare as I usually do. My gas hand was low so we drove across the street to fill up. I was on the phone at the same time and listening to a juicy story from a friend. I was well into that conversation.

As I pulled up to the pump, there was a grungy man getting gas on the other side. He looked as if he had just gotten off his construction job. His truck looked like one I may have seen on a construction site. None the less, he looked as if he had provided his employer a good work day. So, he was standing on my side when I pulled up. He made sure to make eye contact with me. Me, I just nodded my head. I kept it polite. Well, as I got out I was still engrossed in my oh so juicy convo--he moved to his side. At least that is what I thought. He instead just walked around the pump to apparently come and pump my gas. Was he waiting on me?

Meanwhile, my friend is burning my ear with her newest boyfriend news, while this guy makes sure to beat my hand to the pump and opens my gas tank to readily pump my gas. Did I ask him to do that? I tried to keep my focus on my conversation but at this point it was pretty hard. This man who seemed like a tired worker now just seemed creepy. C.R.E.E.P.Y. He really didn't say much but maybe that was because I was on the phone and he probably thought I was getting off.

I barely heard him ask,"How much?" as he placed the pump in my gas tank because I was trying to split my attention between he and my friend. I briefly told him that I was filling up. Do you know this dude tried to stay with me at the pump. Now what about a woman talking on the phone would invite you to stay? I wanted him to go away. I quickly looked to see if his gas was done pumping. Guess what. He was not even pumpimg gas. WTH?!?

Okay, time for quick thinking....

Me: Oh, you need me to come now. It's time for the baby! I'm on my way! (sounding uberly urgent)
Friend on phone: What? Baby? Are you talking to me? Girl, there's no baby here!(sounding really confused)
Me: Yes, just stay on the phone with me and I will keep you calm,______ (insert friend's name)
Friend on phone: Ummm.....not sure what is going on but I am staying on the phone 'cause I sense something is wrong.
Me: You are such a good friend. (sounding very cheerful)

I stopped that pump at $13 and I don't know if you know this but, that barely got me 1/4 of tank of gas in my 4Runner but I knew I could make it home. I was out.

When I jumped in the car he waved bye and I sped off. It was a totally random situation. I explained to my friend about what was going on and she said she could tell something was up and that she needed to stay on. It is great to have good friends that are so in tune with you. And for that I am thankful.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's why you a midget head!

That is what some bad ass behavior challenged kid said to my son before I finally intervened. Yep, I was truly pissed upset when my son was verbally attacked for playing on the rock wall at the playground. I don't care if you are shorter than four feet tall. The mama lion emerges.

I saw the rock wall and decided it would be a great place to set up play on this beautiful (past) Sunday. There were kids already on it. This usually means a good a good time for my kids. Most kids like kids and they make friends easily, including mine. But, oh were these kids cut from a different cloth. You know the bad ass cloth.

As soon as my oldest son approached the wall he was taunted by the 5 children who already consumed the wall. Their parents were in earshot but not paying attention because they were consumed in their club happenings from the night before (per overheard conversation). The ring leader said, "Look at this stupid boy." Of course the others were his Amen choir. Some just looking and some nodding their heads. My boy retaliated, "So what, you got a problem." He laid the law down that you could not and would not mess with him. Bad ass Behavior challenged kid did not get the message.

He kept going at my son for about 15-20 minutes. My son kept going back and forth with him. I hated to see it but I have been told by husband that boys need to be able to stand their ground. So, I took a back seat. This little boy and my son bickered and played and bickered and played. It was getting on my nerves that my son was responding to such nonsense and that the little boy kept it coming.

SHUT UP, ALREADY! --I thought.

I realized that my sweetie pie eight year old was holding his ground but my two year old saw and heard this altercation. He did not like what he saw or heard. You better not mess with his brother. He walks up to this little boy, who I later learned was five and in the kindergarten and says, "Oh yeah!", with so much attitude. My two year old is a tough little cookie. He is the rough and tough boy and my oldest is Mr. Nice Guy.

The little boy came to me to try and tell on my son. I kept mama lion inside and let out the responsible-parent-who tries-to-teach-something-out-of-every-life-experience even to bad ass behavior challenged kids that do not belong to her. I told the little boy, "I saw you and him speaking to each other in a way that was not nice." (Why is this little boy's mama not paying attention?) I told him and my son that if they had such a problem with each other why not squash it and decide to be friends. You know start fresh

I don't want to be his friend!

The look of horror came across my face because it was not the little boy who said that. It was my son---Mr. Nice Guy. *sigh* Mmmm,kay.

Me: Well if you are not going to be friends then stop talking to each and play. I will not hear anymore name calling or mean talk.

Neither of them responded but, they went on playing without any more words toward each other. Oh, good. I thought. Peace.

Then the little bad ass behavior challenged kid walked across the playground equipment that my son was hanging upside-down from and stomped on his hand. I had listened to enough. I told my two kids to come on. My eight year old was upset to leave but he came. My two year on the other hand was in motion to attack the little boy. Needless to say, I scooped him up and we left. My oldest told me he did not want to fight him because he was younger and smaller. I agreed and added that it would not have solved anything. He said, " I just couldn't stand him talking to me that way. I just had to say something every time."

Better him than me 'cause I can think of plenty of things I wanted to say that were not appriopiate play ground talk.

(My rough and tough with one of the nicer kids at the park that day)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And for that McDonald's, you can sit in TIME OUT!

Yesterday was the worst experience I have had at McDonald's. We probably go there about once a month and this particular one I will not be returning.

It was remodeled last year so it looks very nice and even has a homey decor, fireplace and all. That was pretty much where everything stopped being nice.

While we ordered our food there was this pesky fly swarming around us. I ordered one of their new featured meals. I had a coupon that said if I ordered the fries and drink then I get the burger free. The burger cost $3.99. the discount on my ticket said $3.19. What is wrong with that calculation?

Next, my burger did not have mayo. No biggie. I go to the counter and ask them if get some mayonnaise on my burger.

Cashier: You can but it will be $0.35.
ME: *blank stare*
Cashier: $0.35, yes ma'am.
Me: The burger doesn't come with mayonnaise on it?
Cashier: No ma'am, but we can put some on there for $0.35.
Me: Fine, let me go get it. (back at table, no change in purse, go back to counter)
I was very annoyed at this point.

Me: Here is my debit card. Sorry I don't have any change.
Cashier: Oh that's okay. We'll put some on for you anyway.

Oh, so you just like seeing me sweat and leave my kids at table unattended with the flies that will not leave us alone. Of course, I didn't really say this. I just said thank you and went back to fighting the new flies that had obviously found our table.

While swatting flies, we ate. (Who ever ate at a McD's with a whole bunch of flies swarming around?) We finished up and then of curse my youngest needs to go potty. We forgot our little friend. Okay, I can handle this.

We walked into the bathroom and it looked like the swine flu! I don't know what the swine flu looks like under a microscope but I bet it looks like that bathroom. there was used toilet paper on the floor. It smelled awful. Water was on the floor and the counter top. The whole time I am checking out the scene I am saying to my two year old, "Don't touch anything, Don't touch." You know real calm like so not to upset him but stern enough for him to know she means it. I barely wanted to breathe for fear that a germ could be swallowed through the air. I know--crazy silly thoughts.

Unfortunately when you are potty training and your kids has on underwear and you forgot to bring his potty, then you are going to have to just make due with the 'swine flu' bathroom.

The first stall explained why it smelled awful. "The second stall was just gross. The toilet was smeared, floor was wet and the toilet paper everywhere. We chose the 2nd one because both of our responses with the first one was---EWW!

I took out our wipes and hand sanitizer. I squeezed hand sanitizer on the seat and used wipe to clean it up. I am hoping I killed at 99.9% of the germs. I laid toilet paper on the seat and then he did his business. My only words to my baby while were in this bathroom were, "Don't touch, do not touch, please don't touch anything. Thank you, big boy." I vowed to not forget the potty again.

It was the worst McDonald's experience we have had. I guess it's what happens when you don't feed your family a healthy meal. Their health is threatened in more ways than one.


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