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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Monday, December 14, 2009

TMI, but bare with me...

I had a great interview on Thursday. It was so good that, immediately after, I was asked to come back on Monday morning for a second interview. I had to turn that time down. It was too short a notice and she said it was the only time. I had an important meeting scheduled with my current job at the same time. I hope the company I interviewed with will have a heart and realize I would be an asset and call me back. We shall see. Yet, Thursday was, still, a good day.

Later that evening I went to my oldest son's basketball practice. When it was over my husband ( he was already there because he is the coach) walks up to me and gets ready to speak but looks at me strange and says "Look at the big hickey on your neck! Looks like someone thumped you on your neck!"


I felt like a teenager coming home from a school basketball game, whose mother just confronted her about where she'd really been and who with because the evidence was all over her neck (disclaimer: this never happened to me.....)

Well, I go to the bathroom and there it is.

(the picture does not do it justice which is good because I don't want you guys to think differently of me)

Yep, my husband put a nice one on my neck and I interviewed with it stamped on my neck, "You had a good time before you came to this interview!"

I am so embarrassed because I hope to schedule a another interview with this company. I don't guess my impression was too bad because they did want me to come back but I am still embarrassed, nonetheless. (Just not too embarrassed to post about it, ha ha!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random thoughts on a Wednesday

* My husband gave me a surprise birthday party this past Saturday. I didn't see it coming! When I get pictures I will be sure to share.

* I was sick this past weekend. I was probably sick at the party. Being sick seriously sucks.

* The heater in my office is broken. That sucks, too.

* Tiger Woods is now a CHEAT-AH! (LOL! I read that one on Facebook.)

* My son's glasses have been broken 5 times in the last thirty days. Thank goodness we got the warranty.

* I don't have any little girls but I am excited about Disney's The Princess and the Frog. I may get my oldest niece to go with me.

* I had a job interview yesterday. I have another job interview with a different company on Thursday and another on Monday. None of them are making me jump out of my seat but I am thankful.

* I love free lunch at work.

*I want to redesign my blog but don't know how. Anybody willing to do it for free? I will give you kudos for life!

* I know I never posted pictures of my newly uncluttered house but that is because it got worse. Sorry, those pictures may or may not come at a later date. I'm a slacker.

* I have yet to decorate our Christmas tree but it has already been knocked over 3 times. KIDS!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Christmas

I'm finally in the Christmas Spirit. All it takes is a little Urban Holiday Yahoo Music and I am there. I'm still trying to find my family some PJ's we can all wear them on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We'll see if my husband goes for it. My kids and I have made semi-homemade Christmas ornaments with materials we found at Michael's. I helped with each but mostly they crafted all by themselves...well my eight year old did. We plan to make more on tomorrow night.

Here is my older son's ornament:

Here is the little one's:

I am so glad to have found the Christmas Spirit because the job front is so up in the air right now and I was little down. It looks like I will have a paycheck in 2010 but not sure if I will be at my current office or in a different office. I am not sure if I will take a pay cut or not. All the instability was driving me crazy......until Urban Holiday Yahoo Music found me.

I love Christmas music. I can listen to it all day everyday during this season. My favorite Christmas song is This Christmas by Donnie Hathaway. I've posted it below for you all to enjoy. Happy Holidays!

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome Year 30--Bring It On!

Yesterday was my birthday. I entered the 30 thirty club. I had no revelations about life nor did fall over into a depressed state. I simply received the birthday love and appreciated being here another year.

I had spoken to my mom the night before and she asked me if I had any bad feelings about turning 30 years old. I drew a blank. But, later I did start to think about the past thirty years and what I had accomplished. Of course, like most people I had dreams that changed as my life changed but I did accomplish most of them. I haven't had many goals set since college. So here are the new goals for the next 5 years of my life:

1.) Run a marathon (I have been slacking on the running.)
2.) Finish my master's degree (This has been in progress since 2007-I'm back at it)
3.) Go to law school (This is new and strange to me--more about this later)
4.) Have another child (Does this sound crazy or what considering #2 and #3)
5.) Write a book (life long dream)
6.) Go to an Oprah Show taping (I better hurry up on this one!)

There they are, out there in the blogosphere for all to judge. Maybe, I will set new goals after another five years has passed.

I did receive lots of phone calls at work, on my cell, and facebook was off the chain. I loved it!

Want to know what my smooth husband did for me?

He bought me this!

After what happened with the last one, he told me he would not buy another one. Yet, here is my new laptop!

Awwwww.......he loves me.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Changes Ahead

Recently my son's daycare abruptly closed. It was hard on my husband and I, however we were already dragging our feet looking for new daycare/preschool, anyway. The series of events went like this:

*it rained on a Thursday evening,
*received a call on Friday morning about temporary shut down for a day - flood damage
*Received another call about closing for Monday and Tuesday
*Tuesday around lunch time I received the final call-We're closing indefinitely


I cannot tell you what is like to have your childcare snatched right out from under you but it leaves you with a feeling of inadequacy, urgency, and pure frenzy that makes you feel like you were the picture beside the word "chaos" in the dictionary. I took off Wednesday to search all around Central Arkansas for adequate childcare for my wild three year old, who needed some structure but a loving and caring environment that would allow his creativity to stay active.

I know I acted like I was looking for Mother Goose, herself. Let me tell you -- I didn't find her.

What I did find was a VERY structured preschool in a Christian environment with PATIETNT teachers. It is a predominantly black school which was a sort of turn off for me because I am all about diversity. I wavered with that for a while, but then realized that it doesn't matter what the make up of his school is as long as it is a good one.

I was scared for him but, I am glad in my decision. I didn't have very many options but glad this option was made available to me. I was nervous for him on his first day. I was worried his potty training may lapse. I was fretful he would be scared and mad at me and his dad because we took him to a strange place and left him.

I picked him up and he was fine. He was more than fine -- he was sitting in a chair watching the Disney Channel with the other children awaiting their parents to pick them up. At the old place he would be running around and helping some other child cause havoc on the teacher.

Sometimes things happen to make us move faster. I am in love with my son's new preschool and since his two weeks there he has already participated in his first Thanksgiving program and family day.

He is the one in the middle (orange shirt) hugging himself while singing the chorus to Jesus loves me.

I am not sure if I have mentioned that my job will run its course on December 31st and therefore, I will be amongst the growing number of the unemployed. At first, I was looking forward to it but, now I am nervous, all over again. I used to want to be a stay at home mom but I have since changed my mind. I have been given a lot of great advice about how to stay "in the game" even though I am not working. I am so thankful for the advice I have been given and some of it will be used in the near future. I am thankful that my husband's business is doing well but there is no doubt about it -- my salary will be greatly missed. I am pressing on and still have a few options but I have to be honest and say I am lost and unsure of my career's future. I don't know what is next. I love work. I want to work. I do have some ideas that I have tossed around to very few people, but nothing is etched in stone.

Then, as if I needed more life changes -- Oprah announced she was hanging up daytime talk. She doesn't know this but she helped me through those unsure months after college. I had no job, a toddler, and mounting school debt, yet, Oprah saw me through. I TiVo her everyday. She is my friend that I've never met. As I watched her announcement on Friday evening when I arrived home, I choked up with her. It felt like a break-up. You know, the whole "'s not you, it's me..." routine. How could she do this to me?

So, in the words of an ex-girlfriend who doesn't want to let go:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have not actually been taking a break. I have really missed blogging but my laptop broke after my self pity party. I plan to buy another one in December so my post may be a bit random until then because I am blogging from work. In the mean time, I have posted some pictures of what has been going in my world.

We said good bye to this little dude and graduated to the porcelain god who we have been treating with the ut-most respect.

I went to D.C. for my job and enjoyed it, as I do every time I go.

I ate at this restaurant while I was there. It was delicious!

They had the coolest credit card swipe machine that the waiter brought to the table. No identity theft going on there. The waiter thought I was crazy for taking this picture. I know, I don't get out much!

My kids and I hiked this mountain. My legs hurt for days! It was great time with the kids though! We are bring the hubs next time.

Here is a shot on the way down. Everyone was grouchy and hungry by this time and had bad bug bites. We'll be better prepared the next time.

Oh, the Pumpkin Patch--it was wet and muddy! But, we came prepared.

I got these cute boots for the trip. I should have taken a picture of his because they were cute, too!

It has been college football season in Arkansas and everywhere you go there is a Razorback icon. Two things we love in Arkansas: Wal-Mart and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Wooooo! Pig Sooie!

I shopped at a great consignment sale. I will never buy my kids new school uniforms again!

We started the school year off right. Took a couple of weeks for me, the teacher and him to get on the same page but there is evidence we actually go it together. Look out Sasha Obama--I am getting him right for you. I promise I won't turn him over until he is well prepared.

Last but not least--someone had a birthday and sadly all we did was take this picture. :( I know, I should be ashamed. Next year, it will be on and popping!

In the mean time, please don't give up on me. I love blogging and I am a blogger! I will be back at your blogs as well. Let the comments begin!

Go your thoughts....

Right there below this post.


Thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009




Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Organized and Expose Your Shame

So I was blog hopping last night and came across this post at BizzieMommy on getting rid of clutter. This was motivation for me to get it done. I have joined in the fun of cleaning up the clutter in my house and posted my pictures too.... Please look, close your browser, walk away and then talk about me. I can take it much better that way.

Okay, you are now welcome to gawk.

(desktop no one uses)

(Victoria's Secret is the bag: She actually hides a gap in the blinds)

(Oh the shame of how this corner of my bedroom looks like a college dorm)

(yes I see the fire hazard, but don't I have good taste in reading materials?)

Whew, now that I have shamed myself beyond no end --please join us in de-cluttering. Go here and follow the directions and show your shame too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Come on people....

I started to watch the speech given by President Obama last night but soon turned as I started to see Republicans rolling their eyes and picking their fingers. Really, do you have to be that immature? We can agree to disagree and we can agree to be on two different sides of the fence but to disrespect in such a way that my eight year old recognizes the horrible treatment. COME. ON. PEOPLE.

In the words of Mary J. Blige--We don't need no haters! Ain't got no time for HATERATION!

I saw too many green faces. And then when I watched CNN and Nightline later to get the recap on the speech and found out that this man disrespected him even more.

He acted as if he was on some reality TV show on VH1 or MTV. That is where we expect behavior of this capacity. He must have had a flash back to his fraternity days and imagined the President as the rival college. He probably wanted to go and trash the oval office afterwards with toilet paper and such. Clearly he has t-shirts that read TEAM PALIN. I believe he thought he was at a rally. Once again....COME. ON. PEOPLE. Look at who you are electing to make decisions for you. These men acted like children last night and I am ashamed for them and of them.

I don't know where I stand on the health care reform because of all these people yelling and shouting about public option. They are clouding the facts and half the time I just cannot hear or understand for all the shouting.

Excuse me but did someone ever give a definition of public option and I missed it? I have been hearing that phrase so much that I am trying to figure out if I missed this in college or grade school. How come everyone speaks of this phrase and but gives no details? Am I missing the details? Oh wait...I know what it is. I bet someone started shouting what it was and I was instantly turned off. Funny, I thought I would be able to watch the President and not be distracted but oh contraire, African American were. COME. ON. PEOPLE.

And yes I am on my soap box but, I also found out yesterday that my health insurance went up 9%. I mad and that is all.

Side note: Was Michelle Obama on POINT or what? Purple is her color.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mommy's New Toy

I got a new printer this weekend. I no longer have to get my pictures developed at Wal-Mart. Yea! I love this new inexpensive printer. I can scan, print, and copy. I can now make homework for my son. Yea!

The kids appreciate my new purchase as well. Evidence below--their new toy.

No life Change

Still the same old me. No new job.....trying to be thankful for the one I do have. I'm appreciative but my turned something terrible when I found out it ws not me they wanted. Sometimes that can really be blow to the ego. I am trying to be creative and figure out what I can do in the current job.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Changing Habits

So, lately with my running I have been trying to change my eating habits, exercise habits and overall lifestyle. Here are a few changes I have made so far:

1.) Not searching for the closest parking space

2.) Eating more raw vegetables

3.) Buying and consuming wheat and grain products

4.) Bringing my lunch to work

5.) Implementing our reading power hour at 8pm

Things that I should probably work better on:

1.) Eating two chocolate chip cookies after I have had such a healthy lunch 2 days in row

2.) Drinking Sprite with my healthy lunch

3.) Not letting my veggies swim in ranch dressing--I love ranch

4.) My soon to be Michelle Obama arms--I am slacking--what will she think at the wedding?

5.) Enforcing our reading power hour at 8pm

Things my kids have picked up from the changes I have made:

1.) They drink water!!!

2.) The oldest runs with me in the evening. He pushes me. Yesterday the youngest got out of his little buggy and ran down our street the rest of the way home. I got me some little runners on my hands. If only I can get their dad to join. I am still working on him. Apparently he thinks he is too cool to exercise.

3.) They watch less TV

4.) They are spending more time reading

I am trying to lead by example. I have decided to stop complaining about work, fatigue and hunger in front of them. I am exuding positivity for them much as I can tolerate. However, I did yell at them last night after I told them way too many times to get in the shower.

I know. I'm a work in progress.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wednesday's Randoms

Well I have some random things running through my mind:

1.) Got a life changing event that may happen Friday. I am super excited. I hope to tell about it later.

2.) I tried to email my son's teacher last night. I had questions-lots. I was typing away when I accidentally hit the back button. Great email, gone. I was too tired to start over.

3.) I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. It was an outside wedding which included a mansion, horse and carriage, over flowing drinks, good food and music. I also had a mini reunion with childhood friends that I had not seen in years. Did I mention I was out with my husband, dressed up and on a break from the kids? It was good evening.

4.) A co-worker of mine is leaving to take a new job. Her last day is tomorrow. I am really sad about this. We have worked together for the past 4 1/2 years. She became a dear friend in that time. I am happy for her but sad for me.

5.) My current job ends on December 31st--I am nervous about this and yet excited at the same time. It is definitely time for change.

6.) I was really fly a the wedding on Saturday.

7.) I participated in a 5k earlier this year. I didn't run it but I had been running, from March til the end of May. I liked it. No, I loved it. I missed ii so I have begun to run again. I run Saturday mornings and at least 3-4 days after work. I give it a good 20-30 minutes. The kids love joining me. My oldest will kick around his soccer ball or ride his electric scooter and my youngest loves to be pushed in his little riding car. Jogging stroller my foot! As long as we have wheels, we are gone!

8.) I am done with randoms for now. I need to try and email my son's teacher again.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I woke up this morning and saw this. As much as I like the lessons board games teach I am refraining from buying more until my two year becomes a four year old. Going back to bed now. This mess has disturbed me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Weirdest Thing Happened

On Wednesday I picked my youngest up from daycare as I usually do. My gas hand was low so we drove across the street to fill up. I was on the phone at the same time and listening to a juicy story from a friend. I was well into that conversation.

As I pulled up to the pump, there was a grungy man getting gas on the other side. He looked as if he had just gotten off his construction job. His truck looked like one I may have seen on a construction site. None the less, he looked as if he had provided his employer a good work day. So, he was standing on my side when I pulled up. He made sure to make eye contact with me. Me, I just nodded my head. I kept it polite. Well, as I got out I was still engrossed in my oh so juicy convo--he moved to his side. At least that is what I thought. He instead just walked around the pump to apparently come and pump my gas. Was he waiting on me?

Meanwhile, my friend is burning my ear with her newest boyfriend news, while this guy makes sure to beat my hand to the pump and opens my gas tank to readily pump my gas. Did I ask him to do that? I tried to keep my focus on my conversation but at this point it was pretty hard. This man who seemed like a tired worker now just seemed creepy. C.R.E.E.P.Y. He really didn't say much but maybe that was because I was on the phone and he probably thought I was getting off.

I barely heard him ask,"How much?" as he placed the pump in my gas tank because I was trying to split my attention between he and my friend. I briefly told him that I was filling up. Do you know this dude tried to stay with me at the pump. Now what about a woman talking on the phone would invite you to stay? I wanted him to go away. I quickly looked to see if his gas was done pumping. Guess what. He was not even pumpimg gas. WTH?!?

Okay, time for quick thinking....

Me: Oh, you need me to come now. It's time for the baby! I'm on my way! (sounding uberly urgent)
Friend on phone: What? Baby? Are you talking to me? Girl, there's no baby here!(sounding really confused)
Me: Yes, just stay on the phone with me and I will keep you calm,______ (insert friend's name)
Friend on phone: Ummm.....not sure what is going on but I am staying on the phone 'cause I sense something is wrong.
Me: You are such a good friend. (sounding very cheerful)

I stopped that pump at $13 and I don't know if you know this but, that barely got me 1/4 of tank of gas in my 4Runner but I knew I could make it home. I was out.

When I jumped in the car he waved bye and I sped off. It was a totally random situation. I explained to my friend about what was going on and she said she could tell something was up and that she needed to stay on. It is great to have good friends that are so in tune with you. And for that I am thankful.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's why you a midget head!

That is what some bad ass behavior challenged kid said to my son before I finally intervened. Yep, I was truly pissed upset when my son was verbally attacked for playing on the rock wall at the playground. I don't care if you are shorter than four feet tall. The mama lion emerges.

I saw the rock wall and decided it would be a great place to set up play on this beautiful (past) Sunday. There were kids already on it. This usually means a good a good time for my kids. Most kids like kids and they make friends easily, including mine. But, oh were these kids cut from a different cloth. You know the bad ass cloth.

As soon as my oldest son approached the wall he was taunted by the 5 children who already consumed the wall. Their parents were in earshot but not paying attention because they were consumed in their club happenings from the night before (per overheard conversation). The ring leader said, "Look at this stupid boy." Of course the others were his Amen choir. Some just looking and some nodding their heads. My boy retaliated, "So what, you got a problem." He laid the law down that you could not and would not mess with him. Bad ass Behavior challenged kid did not get the message.

He kept going at my son for about 15-20 minutes. My son kept going back and forth with him. I hated to see it but I have been told by husband that boys need to be able to stand their ground. So, I took a back seat. This little boy and my son bickered and played and bickered and played. It was getting on my nerves that my son was responding to such nonsense and that the little boy kept it coming.

SHUT UP, ALREADY! --I thought.

I realized that my sweetie pie eight year old was holding his ground but my two year old saw and heard this altercation. He did not like what he saw or heard. You better not mess with his brother. He walks up to this little boy, who I later learned was five and in the kindergarten and says, "Oh yeah!", with so much attitude. My two year old is a tough little cookie. He is the rough and tough boy and my oldest is Mr. Nice Guy.

The little boy came to me to try and tell on my son. I kept mama lion inside and let out the responsible-parent-who tries-to-teach-something-out-of-every-life-experience even to bad ass behavior challenged kids that do not belong to her. I told the little boy, "I saw you and him speaking to each other in a way that was not nice." (Why is this little boy's mama not paying attention?) I told him and my son that if they had such a problem with each other why not squash it and decide to be friends. You know start fresh

I don't want to be his friend!

The look of horror came across my face because it was not the little boy who said that. It was my son---Mr. Nice Guy. *sigh* Mmmm,kay.

Me: Well if you are not going to be friends then stop talking to each and play. I will not hear anymore name calling or mean talk.

Neither of them responded but, they went on playing without any more words toward each other. Oh, good. I thought. Peace.

Then the little bad ass behavior challenged kid walked across the playground equipment that my son was hanging upside-down from and stomped on his hand. I had listened to enough. I told my two kids to come on. My eight year old was upset to leave but he came. My two year on the other hand was in motion to attack the little boy. Needless to say, I scooped him up and we left. My oldest told me he did not want to fight him because he was younger and smaller. I agreed and added that it would not have solved anything. He said, " I just couldn't stand him talking to me that way. I just had to say something every time."

Better him than me 'cause I can think of plenty of things I wanted to say that were not appriopiate play ground talk.

(My rough and tough with one of the nicer kids at the park that day)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And for that McDonald's, you can sit in TIME OUT!

Yesterday was the worst experience I have had at McDonald's. We probably go there about once a month and this particular one I will not be returning.

It was remodeled last year so it looks very nice and even has a homey decor, fireplace and all. That was pretty much where everything stopped being nice.

While we ordered our food there was this pesky fly swarming around us. I ordered one of their new featured meals. I had a coupon that said if I ordered the fries and drink then I get the burger free. The burger cost $3.99. the discount on my ticket said $3.19. What is wrong with that calculation?

Next, my burger did not have mayo. No biggie. I go to the counter and ask them if get some mayonnaise on my burger.

Cashier: You can but it will be $0.35.
ME: *blank stare*
Cashier: $0.35, yes ma'am.
Me: The burger doesn't come with mayonnaise on it?
Cashier: No ma'am, but we can put some on there for $0.35.
Me: Fine, let me go get it. (back at table, no change in purse, go back to counter)
I was very annoyed at this point.

Me: Here is my debit card. Sorry I don't have any change.
Cashier: Oh that's okay. We'll put some on for you anyway.

Oh, so you just like seeing me sweat and leave my kids at table unattended with the flies that will not leave us alone. Of course, I didn't really say this. I just said thank you and went back to fighting the new flies that had obviously found our table.

While swatting flies, we ate. (Who ever ate at a McD's with a whole bunch of flies swarming around?) We finished up and then of curse my youngest needs to go potty. We forgot our little friend. Okay, I can handle this.

We walked into the bathroom and it looked like the swine flu! I don't know what the swine flu looks like under a microscope but I bet it looks like that bathroom. there was used toilet paper on the floor. It smelled awful. Water was on the floor and the counter top. The whole time I am checking out the scene I am saying to my two year old, "Don't touch anything, Don't touch." You know real calm like so not to upset him but stern enough for him to know she means it. I barely wanted to breathe for fear that a germ could be swallowed through the air. I know--crazy silly thoughts.

Unfortunately when you are potty training and your kids has on underwear and you forgot to bring his potty, then you are going to have to just make due with the 'swine flu' bathroom.

The first stall explained why it smelled awful. "The second stall was just gross. The toilet was smeared, floor was wet and the toilet paper everywhere. We chose the 2nd one because both of our responses with the first one was---EWW!

I took out our wipes and hand sanitizer. I squeezed hand sanitizer on the seat and used wipe to clean it up. I am hoping I killed at 99.9% of the germs. I laid toilet paper on the seat and then he did his business. My only words to my baby while were in this bathroom were, "Don't touch, do not touch, please don't touch anything. Thank you, big boy." I vowed to not forget the potty again.

It was the worst McDonald's experience we have had. I guess it's what happens when you don't feed your family a healthy meal. Their health is threatened in more ways than one.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shoe Shopping While I Potty Train

I went shoe shopping with the kids yesterday and it was pure hell. Yes, hell. Did I tell you it was hell? Well, it was...hell. If you want to go crazy, fast, go shopping with your kids.

The youngest one needed shoes because he only had that one pair since the last time I purchased them. In the midst of gearing up for shoe shoping with the kids, my oldest says he needs new shoes too because his current shoes are small. He usually has 3 pair on hand so that he can rotate. He is rough on shoes and we find that if he has a couple of pairs they will last longer. We generaly get hand-me-downs for him so he mostly wears hand-me-downs to play in and mommy-bought shoes, which tend to be his nice pair, to go to school and the non-playing places.

Well, I was not planning on buying his shoes for another week. When I felt his toes all squished up in his shoes, I knew then and there I was going to have to buy quite a few shoes that day. He had been wearing those shoes with this toes squished all summer, according to him.

Why did he not tell me!?!? His answer: Ugh...I just wait on you to buy me shoes. I know, I know---I gave way too much credit to my 8 year old.

So, I packed up my kids along with our Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty that we travel with on a daily basis for the little one. Yes, I am the mother who has her child pee in the back of her 4Runner and then dumps her "child's left over apple juice" while no one is looking. Call me what you will but my child has not had an accident in public yet, so I guess you can call me smart, efficient and gross at the same time.

Here's what we were shooting for:

2 for school for the 8 year old
1 for the rest of the summer and weekend play - 8 year old
2 for the two year old because he was the initial reason for the excursion

We went to a total of four stores. We came out with 5 pair and only one pair of Nikes. Which is surprising because that is usually always my shoes of choice outside of New Balance. So anyway, I am eating my past words and am admitting I bought them both a pair from.....
Payless ShoeSource

I know.

I know.

I know.

I did say that I do not buy my kids shoes from Payless but I knew I needed to get some inexpensive shoes for my oldest's last days of day camp and I refused to buy any name brand for him to tear up. We arrived and low and behold I found a pair that he and I really liked. So, I take back my past statements and now I am an advocate. I ended up getting my youngest a pair as well. Here they are:

Toddler Airwalk Maple Athletic

Airwalk Maple Skate

I think we faired well. What do you think?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Bible School and Swim Lessons are Somewhat Related

For the past two weeks I have been running myself crazy after work. Last week we were in swimming lessons all week and the week before that we were in Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS started at 6:30pm. This was perfect for me because I get off work at 5pm and by the time I pick everyone up we are usually home by 5:45pm. It gave me time to prepare snack and get my oldest to VBS. My youngest and I generally went back home and prepared dinner. We then headed back out to pick him up by 8:20pm.

My son had been asking about baptism because on Sunday at church we took Communion (juice and crackers/ Last Supper--you get the idea). At my church you partake in this if you have been baptised. He wanted to know why he was taking it and his little brother was not.

Easy answer.

"You have been baptised and your little brother has not."

Yeah Right. Easy answer, my foot!

This, of course, brought up more questions and a great learning lesson about baptism. It was a chance to talk with him about a time when he was a baby. He loves those stories. I have to admit, I am almost thirty and I still love hearing my baby stories.

So, We talked about who was there and when it happened and why it has not happened for his brother, etc. Later in the week he spoke to me about how three of his VBS classmates decided that they were getting baptised on Sunday and they were getting dipped in the water. Well, my son was not dipped into the water. He was sprinkled. More questions and more answers entailed. He had great lesson about Baptism that week. But Little did I know that Baptism is an ongoing lesson.

Fast Forward to the following week of swimming lessons--it was the day they learned to float on their backs.

I am sure you can see where this story is going.

My son was sitting on the side of the pool when he was asked to come forward and be the example. He explains to my son that he "...will need to be on his back and it will seem like he going to be dipped into the water. My son then replies, "I've already been baptised!"

Yeah...He said it.
(Note to self: Tell son how Baptism happens in church like setting, i.e pastor, family, prayer, etc.)

The little girl sitting next to him gave him the side eye. He saw her and reiterated his status. "I have. Didn't I Mommy?"

Pretty much all of the parents were laughing, including myself.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

You know what else happened in June?

My husband celebrated his 30th Birthday, we sort of celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and father's day came and went.

I was so busy planning my husband's surprise birthday party that I didn't do anything for our anniversary. He landed a new BIG account so he did nothing as well. I know -- We suck.

However, I threw him a fantastic party with our closest family and friends attending. It was perfect, aside from my crappy decorations. I was so excited to do it for him. He told me a couple years ago that he had never had a birthday party . I thought that was strange. I asked his mom and she confirmed his statement. Therefore I threw him a party that I am still getting great kudos for. I receive serious brownie points from him.

I did not tell my oldest son until 4 hours before the party because, I knew he would have blown my cover. Once he was told, his response was priceless.

"Well I hope no one told him!"

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am raising the President's Son-in-Law

My oldest son and the President's youngest daughter share a birthday. They are exactly the same age. Doesn't that mean that it is their destiny to be together?

My best friend always makes a note that we are raising our sons to be someone's husband. Can't I just say that I am raising my son to be Sasha Obama's husband? Who better to groom my son to marry than the president's daughter? If I have not taught my son anything, it is to only accept the very best. Can't you just see Michelle and I helping Sasha pick out her wedding gown?


Ten years from now I'll be blogging about it!

To celebrate the special occasion we gave my son an electric Razor scooter. He loved it. Of course, I was sad because he is no longer the little gift I received before I graduated college. He is my big gift full of energy, sensitivity and kindness. He is still that caring individual who always makes sure that Mommy is okay. He is my sweetie pie who is now eight. Oh my gosh, it makes me sad just think about it.

He Knows Michael Jackson Music When He Hears It

Yep, you read right. He knows it and not just one song. Every since MJ passed away we have been on Michael Jackson overload. His videos are everywhere and Comcast OnDemand has provided us with wealth of a MJ music library. Last year when Michael turned 50, Comcast paid tribute to him by making all types of videos and interviews available OnDemand. My oldest son fell in love with his music and has been a fan ever since.

His words were when he learned of Michael Jackson's death, "Oh, I just wish I could have seen him in real life."

To my surprise--although I should not be--my two year has become a fan as well. Yes, ladies and gentlemen---Michael was an ultimate performer for all ages. I don't care what you think about his personal life but his music is immortal.

I heard him singing last week, "Dwwi-lllllla, Dwilla my!"
Translation: Thriller, Thriller Night!

He even knows it is Michael Jackson when he hears it. The other day I heard him singing, "Deedet, Deedet!"
Translation: Beat It! Beat It!

We live close to the President Clinton Library and attended their family fest for the fourth of July. They had a dance group on stage who paid tribute to Michael Jackson by mixing up some dance moves along with his music.

You think my baby didn't get out there in front of the stage and bust a move? Oh, yes he did with all of the rhythm he could conjure up, which was not much but he was giving Michael his respect. He kept saying "Midul Daxon!"

Strange how kids pick these things up. We are not even die hard Michael Jackson fans but I guess you can say we love his music. I always say that your kids are an exaggerated reflection of you (except the part where they have no rhythm--I just cannot claim that).

R.I.P. Michael Jackson!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I blinked and June passed by...

June just whisked by me so fast. We went on vacation and when we came back it was on and popping. I feel like I need another vacation just to get over June. I plan to take a day or so in July when the kids and husband are away at work and summer camp.

My vacation was a blast. I feel like it was short and could have been longer but I will definitely know for the next time. Yes, we all agreed that we will do it again. My immediate family---husband, 2 kids and me-- have been going on vacation for the past three years and I would recommend every family do it. It does not matter where you go, just as long as you are all there and it is away from the house, your house.

The last two vacations we went to Disney World. We have great memories but the last time was more tiring than fun and we experienced a sick child while traveling. Let me just say this: TRAVEL INSURANCE IS WORTH IT! My husband and I decided that a much needed, more relaxing vacation was the only way to go for the next time.

This year we went to Panama City Beach, Florida. They have beautiful beach water. It is a very laid back town. This vacation we went with my mom, her husband, their 14 year old, my older brother and his wife and 4 kids plus me and my family. We had 14 total when you include my nephew from my younger brother. My younger brother is in the Navy sand he could not get leave to go but we enjoyed his son instead. There were a total of 5 boys ages 7-13, two 2 year olds and one 15 year old girl. We had a wide range in ages with the kids ages.

We rented a 4 bedroom house that we had no complaints about. It was gorgeous! We may rent it again next year. Our time consisted of beach, beach, and more beach! It was inexpensive and I suggest to anyone to take a vacation with extended family because my husband, brother, sister-in-law and I went out two nights in a row. We got the best of both worlds: vacation with the kids and some alone time in the evening. We had so much grilled food that when we made it back home we wanted no beef, pork, or chicken. And you won't believe we were by the beach for 5 days and did not eat any seafood. I know, right!?! It's probably a sin to go to the beach and not have seafood. We had to get all the way home in order to realize our one regret from the trip.

Needless to say, we had fish upon arriving home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am still a blogger

I have been so busy this month that I barely have time to write this post. I have been feeling this tug to blog. I have so much to talk about that it is almost overwhelming.

In the last 3 weeks I have vacationed in Panama City Beach, Florida, attended 4 little league baseballl games in extreme heat, toted my children to 3 baseball practices, celebrated my oldest child's 8th birthday, had a second wedding anniversary, threw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party and started a taking a writing class online. My husband's business almost doubled over night so therefore he is at home here and there and I am very sleep deprived. Oh....I almost forgot; I also started sewing my first apron.

Yep. I've been busy. I've got a lot of stories to tell and many of my favorite blogs to visit. I have been neglecting the my blog and others as well.

I'll be back.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I thought I looked cute but I guess after a 5k you are not suppose to

Here is a picture of my youngest son and I from the 5K. Don't ask me what I was doing. I do swear that I was not picking my nose. I only do that behind close doors. I was probably thinking about the pizza I was about to consume. Who knows. It does, however look like my son was on some sort of mission. Can you tell that he really thinks that he is driving that thing? Don't I look out of place with my casual wear on while everyone else looked like they belonged in the race? Crazy me -- I know!

We were getting ready to cross the finish line and have our time recorded. I think they should give special medals to those that complete races with kids. Enjoy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes You have to Let Those Hand-me-downs Go

My youngest son has not had many new clothes in his 2 years of life. He generally wears all his older brother's clothes that have most likely made their way to another little boy's closet before they made their journey back to our house. We use it all - socks, t-shirts, play clothes, church clothes even underwear (only worn by my oldest son). It has not been often that I have been able to recycle shoes because my oldest was so hard on them by the time he was 12 months old. Yet, somehow we still have a few to choose from.

We are now at the point where we are having to buy shoes for him. As usual, I try to remember before I buy anything to look through our stash or as I call it in our house---the treasure chest.

I found a pair of NIKE shoes. They looked good, didn't smell bad and I remembered I had actually received them from a friend who has a son older than my oldest son. So, these were serious hand-me-down shoes. If memory serves me correct, they were worn very little by my son and worn very little by my friend's son, as well. So, I knew these shoes would last some time or at least until I was prepared to buy more. Shoes for little boys are expensive. We do not sport cartoon character shoes in my house, so shoes for my boys will always be expensive.

Call me a shoe snob and I will say thank you (only for my boys--me, I could careless).

I put his shoes on the morning after the big FIND. When I went to pick him up that afternoon, I saw pieces of rubber in his cubby. The soles of his shoes had come apart. Oh my gosh! I sent my baby to school in horrible shoes.

I had no idea what the rubber was at first. I asked his teacher "What is this?" She responds as if she is embarrassed for me "Well we saw some of the kids playing with the rubber parts of shoes and we had to search whose shoes had fallen apart. We saw your son was missing his soles and figure maybe you wanted to salvage what was left." Ummm, why would I want to salvage a run down what I wanted to ask her but I didn't. When I noticed she was embarrassed for me I responded "Yeah, I bet I can have those up and going by tonight--we're in a recession." She seemed surprised. I was glad because I do not embarrass easily and do not take kindly to those trying to make me feel that way either.

Let me just take time to say that my baby looked like he had on socks with a NIKE check. The soles were completely gone, GONE. My husband claims that we should have been embarrassed. Whateva....

Needless to say, I did toss the shoes, but I had to replace them immediately because we were on our way to big brother's baseball game. What store was on the way?

Payless ShoeSource

I have never bought my kids shoes out of Payless. Me, yes. Them, no. There I am, again. Shoe Snob.

I found a pair that I actually liked. I was really impressed, but I let me tell you there is slim picking for little boys at Payless unless you are into cartoon characters for your sons. I am not but to each his own, just not mine. Do you know his shoes cost me $19.83? WTH?!?! This is Payless! Boys shoes cost too much anywhere you go. I saw the little girl's shoes going for $5, $6, and $7. Did I mention they took up the most of the wall.

This is why I keep my treasure chest around. My husband hates all those extra clothes junking up our attic but, I look up there and see dollar signs---MONEY SAVED!

You just have to know when to let them go!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I completed my first 5K!.....with 2yr old in tow

I have been trying to get out of my BLAH BLAH mood. In order to do so I have been trying to think of good things I have done and how this job does not define me, even if it and my co-workers have been apart of my life for the last 4 years. Mother's Day was the beginning of my positive thinking. I started thinking of all the things I have done and well, I simply forgot I completed my first 5K a week ago.

My job hosts a lot of events. We host a 5K every year. It raises money and awareness for one of our ongoing projects. It is not a project I work on directly but I decided I wanted to be involved this year. What better way to get involved than to enter the race itself.

I decided I was going to take my children with me. We would would do it together. I have been trying to hard to promote good health through exercise and good eating. This may not a happen all the time but you know you are doing your job when the family goes out for pizza and your 7 year says "we really shouldn't eat this but, if we take a napkin and soak up some the grease off the top of the pizza then maybe it won' be so bad." Let's just say, I proudly soaked up the grease off my pizza. He actually listens to me. (I'm gushing thinking about it, now.)

My 7 year old and his dad went to see Wolverine---Originals, so I only had one kid in tow. I brought his little buggy. This is what it looks like. We use it everyday to go running jogging walking and jogging around the neighborhood.

Here is a picture I took of him one day, when he fell asleep in it.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know what I was working with. It rolls fine. The front has a compartment in which we used to hold his sipee cup and his most important essentials---Spider man and Indian Jones action figures. So, we took it.

Upon arriving we encountered at least 25 stairs on the way in, the unorganized registration table, 3 temper tantrums and a lost Indian Jones. The race started at 7pm and I was already tired. Oh, yeah and I forgot to change into my walking shoes. I thought I would be okay so I went ahead.

These are the shoes I was wearing and do not recommend anyone wear for a 3.1 mile walk on concrete streets.

I repeat....DO NOT WEAR WHILE WALKING 5K. They are cute however and perfect for those Saturday morning soccer games.

Once the horn blew I was not ready, but I coaxed my child into his imaginary car and off we went, walking slowly because I had the wrong pants, too. Blue jean Capri's. Dumb, dumb, dumb, me.

We walked the first 1K fast. There were at people at every corner waving and this amused my son. He waved right back with Spider man in one hand and Indiana Jones in the other. We walked along side other walkers, one mother with a 3 year old, a middle aged couple and one old guy who ended up passing us but somehow at the end I saw him behind us. I don't know how that happened.

Somewhere around 3K my left foot was saying "Go home!" It was aching! Yet, I trudged on like there was nothing wrong with me because that's how I roll--no stress, no mess. And I did look cute, even though, silently my feet moaned during a slow death.

Right before the 4K the mom beside me pulled some snacks for her son and of course mine caught a glimpse of that banana and knew it was time for him to munch on something as well. If only I had something for him to munch on. DAMN! Our bag with all of our necessities were in my truck. I simply told him "We'll get something in a minute" and started to sing the ABC's to distract him. He was okay. Needless to say, I made my achy foot and whiny child speed past my new, now "ex" walking buddy and her child. I couldn't have those kinds of distractions when I was almost done with the last stretched. I did not want to be quitter.

As we were nearing the finish line my son was silently mumbling about Monkeys jumping in the bed and bumping their heads, we could see the party up ahead. There was a small crown there cheering which I should have been appreciated but didn't. My son on the other hand was ecstatic. He cheered and clapped his hands right along with them as if he knew what all the excitement was about. So we finished the race in 53 minutes and 8 seconds, 93rd place for women and 197 out of a total of 203 participants and no temper tantrums.

Suddenly my foot was okay and the after party took over me and my son. It was outside in the park where the ran began and ended. We ate free pizza and drank all the Gatorade we wanted. I was so relaxed that I let him figure out the spout to the cooler and get his own and EVEN let him drink out a cup.....without a lid. This is something I do not do but hey, I just walked 3.1 miles and my left foot ached most of the way all while pushing my son in his buggy. Gatorade was all over his shirt. A dog nearby noticed him at the Gatorade cooler and decided to come and get a sip. Of course my son figured this out and a friendship was born. He'd release some Gatorade, the dog would get something to drink and my son got to hold his tail.

There was a band there and my son enjoyed it along with the pizza and Gatorade. We stayed until the mosquitoes became unbearable. So, there is my accomplishment. It is no big deal that I walked a 5K but it is a big deal that I was cute, I had on the wrong shoes, I had my 2 year whom I did not have snacks for and I had on the most uncomfortable pants.

I can do anything, anything I tell you! I am ready to conquer the world!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Boy Code and My Husband is still SMOOTH

Yes, they do and my husband, he is smother than Obama.

My oldest son had a writing assignment in class to write formal letters to choice friends in his class. I knew they had these letters to write but I did not read his until last night. They were cute. Some said things like "I am glad you are nice", "You always make me laugh", and "How many sisters and brothers do you have?" The students could each write to whom ever they wanted to in class. One of my sons best friends is in his class. We are good friends with his mom and have known them since the boys were 3 years of age.

Here is what BF's letter said:

Yes, you read right.....wiener.

Translation = wiener.

So, my husband intercepted the letter the afternoon it came home. I heard about it after my son's baseball practice. First of all, for you readers wondering why I am giving this letter attention---it is because my husband told me that little black boys do not need to be writing about other little boys private parts even though it may seem innocent.

This little boy plays on my son's baseball team so we saw him the same day the letter came home. My husband said the more he thought about it,the more he was bothered by the whole letter. This particular boy's father is not in his life and his mother was out of town this week for work. My husband said he really liked the kid and decided this would be a "man learning moment" for our son and his BF.

He told me that he took the both of them over to the side before practice kicked off and talked to them about the letter. (My husband is the coach, so it was easy to hold practice up. Did I tell you he is the man?) He told them that the letter was inappropriate and "little boys should never write or talk about other little boys wieners, ever...period." BF tries to explain his case by telling my husband -- "But Coach, I thought he was holding his wiener." Of course my husband repeated himself...."little boys should never write or talk about other little boys wieners, ever...period." Sometimes no explanation is the best explanation. And this is why I believe our little boys need a constant male figure in their life. The message would not have been the same. My husband made it clear and my son and his BF will probably never write about "wieners" again. To BF's defense, he really was trying to apologize. My son told me later that his feelings were hurt by his BF telling everyone and he later asked him even after the letter if they were still friends. It really was innocent, however my husband's point was well taken.

Little boys should never write or talk about other little boys wieners, ever...period.

Later that evening when my husband was giving me this story he kept using the word "wiener" as if this is what we say in our house. I kept trying to hold back laughter because listening to an almost thirty year old man say "wiener" was kind of funny. Can we teach our kids the correct names to private parts?

I was very appreciative and turned on by his responsiveness to the situation. He was rewarded accordingly.

Now, I am sure you are did the teacher let this slip by? Yeah, we are wondering the same thing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Boy likes to POTTY all the time.....POTTY ALL THE TIME!

This morning was a great morning! I woke up early because this is bench mark exam week for my oldest and the school says he needs a good breakfast to get his mind right for those exams. Why this is the only time they suggest you feed your kid a good meal before school is beyond me.....but I complied and made bacon to go with the usual toaster waffles. When I woke the boys up this morning, my husband was still asleep. So, I was alone for the first few minutes with the kids. My oldest woke up and went straight for the bathroom. I pulled my younger monster out of the crib and grabbed the little potty on the way to my bedroom. He usually never does anything in this potty but I make him sit anyway. Who knows when he will decide to leave a little surprise! So, I turned on Sesame Street and got dressed.

I went to the kitchen and pulled the bacon out of the oven. My baby came into the kitchen and says, "Mommy, Pee Pee Potty." He says this all the time. I really just ignore him because it never means anything. I fix the oldest one's plate and go get pull-up so the little one can eat, too. He is still saying, "Pee Pee, Potty!" Finally, I go to my bedroom and see my little surprise came today. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, pee pee entered the potty, stayed in bounds and scored! TOUCH DOWN! Or should I say, A HOLE IN ONE? I don't know, but who cares. He peed in that pot!

I was so excited that I started doing the potty dance, not that confusing one on the Pull Ups commercial* but our own version that sort of mimics Eddie Murphy's one hit wonder--Party All the Time. Even my oldest chimes in. My husband hears the commotion and I tell him with all excitement that the boy peed in the potty. I swear you would have thought I won the lottery or something. You want to know what my husband said?

"Yeah, I heard the singing."

He said this so nonchalantly. I swear he is so cool.** But for this occassion, can I get the song and dance from him, too? We should have all been getting our groove on this morning. I am still feeling so good about it that I am going to get my party going again right here at my desk. Feel free to join in.

*Is it me or does that look like some Saturday Night Live skit? What makes matters worse is that Dude looks like Kenan Thompson
**Future reference: My husband is cooler that Obama, yeah I said it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Facebook Addict

I joined Facebook about week ago and I am addicted. I have found old co-workers, classmates and even childhood friends. I find myself checking people's status, their pictures and even adding to my own photo album.

In joining Facebook, I have found that some people just add anything to their profiles. One profile read, "Thanking God for all that he has given me! I feel blessed!" Sounds nice right? Well you scroll down the page a little further and read a past status for the very same profile and this is what it read, "Gettin' my club on tonight! Gone show my man some love later!" Yeah, 'nuf said. But I found one that was even better. It was a profile with several photo albums. One of the photo albums in particular was titled: All about me. The photo album had so many bikini, club, sprawled-across-the-bed-trying-to-look-sexy-with-non-matching-bed-sheets, and booty hanging out of short shorts pictures that it was enough to start her own Playboy magazine. Oh but to make this section of her profile better she had her beloved children and all of their wonderful accomplishments. This album title: My Wonderful Fam. Now, in this album are all types of sweet face children getting awards or featured in sports and the oh-so important picture with grandma.

So, let's ask ourselves these important questions: Do you want your children view you entire profile one day? What type of image are you putting across? (sexy pic vs. family pics) Do you want YOUR MAMA to see your profile? What type of job do you have or are applying for while your profile sits in cyberspace making all kinds of crazy first impressions of you?


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