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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I use to blog here

I guess I still do. When I get wrapped up in my feelings I tend to get lazy and eat. So obviously, I took a break from blogging and fattened up, almost re-entered grad school and I got a new job. Yes, ladies and gentlemen.....I finally found a new place to call my work home. Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for because I am not extremely fond of the new gig. I have learned quite a bit about myself through working at the new place. I like controlling my time. I don't like short travels. I LOVE MY FAMILY TO DEATH. I am selfish. I am a bit shallow and high maintenance. I would love to write for a living and just be mom. I love being heavily involved in the community. I love people. I would love to volunteer in stead of work because when i am done i can quit. I like quitting (I don't do it enough!)

Enough about me.....

I changed my oldest son's school and I am pleased about it....OVER THE MOON!

It was also extremely HAUTE here in central Arkansas, like 107. HOT!

Oprah is showing way too many reruns......

The summer is almost over and I welcome the school year. I miss my time alone after 9:00pm. I forgot all about that one hour I took for myself. The kids are starting bedtime early this week. I love it!

Until next time!


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