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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Life Changes Ahead

Recently my son's daycare abruptly closed. It was hard on my husband and I, however we were already dragging our feet looking for new daycare/preschool, anyway. The series of events went like this:

*it rained on a Thursday evening,
*received a call on Friday morning about temporary shut down for a day - flood damage
*Received another call about closing for Monday and Tuesday
*Tuesday around lunch time I received the final call-We're closing indefinitely


I cannot tell you what is like to have your childcare snatched right out from under you but it leaves you with a feeling of inadequacy, urgency, and pure frenzy that makes you feel like you were the picture beside the word "chaos" in the dictionary. I took off Wednesday to search all around Central Arkansas for adequate childcare for my wild three year old, who needed some structure but a loving and caring environment that would allow his creativity to stay active.

I know I acted like I was looking for Mother Goose, herself. Let me tell you -- I didn't find her.

What I did find was a VERY structured preschool in a Christian environment with PATIETNT teachers. It is a predominantly black school which was a sort of turn off for me because I am all about diversity. I wavered with that for a while, but then realized that it doesn't matter what the make up of his school is as long as it is a good one.

I was scared for him but, I am glad in my decision. I didn't have very many options but glad this option was made available to me. I was nervous for him on his first day. I was worried his potty training may lapse. I was fretful he would be scared and mad at me and his dad because we took him to a strange place and left him.

I picked him up and he was fine. He was more than fine -- he was sitting in a chair watching the Disney Channel with the other children awaiting their parents to pick them up. At the old place he would be running around and helping some other child cause havoc on the teacher.

Sometimes things happen to make us move faster. I am in love with my son's new preschool and since his two weeks there he has already participated in his first Thanksgiving program and family day.

He is the one in the middle (orange shirt) hugging himself while singing the chorus to Jesus loves me.

I am not sure if I have mentioned that my job will run its course on December 31st and therefore, I will be amongst the growing number of the unemployed. At first, I was looking forward to it but, now I am nervous, all over again. I used to want to be a stay at home mom but I have since changed my mind. I have been given a lot of great advice about how to stay "in the game" even though I am not working. I am so thankful for the advice I have been given and some of it will be used in the near future. I am thankful that my husband's business is doing well but there is no doubt about it -- my salary will be greatly missed. I am pressing on and still have a few options but I have to be honest and say I am lost and unsure of my career's future. I don't know what is next. I love work. I want to work. I do have some ideas that I have tossed around to very few people, but nothing is etched in stone.

Then, as if I needed more life changes -- Oprah announced she was hanging up daytime talk. She doesn't know this but she helped me through those unsure months after college. I had no job, a toddler, and mounting school debt, yet, Oprah saw me through. I TiVo her everyday. She is my friend that I've never met. As I watched her announcement on Friday evening when I arrived home, I choked up with her. It felt like a break-up. You know, the whole "'s not you, it's me..." routine. How could she do this to me?

So, in the words of an ex-girlfriend who doesn't want to let go:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have not actually been taking a break. I have really missed blogging but my laptop broke after my self pity party. I plan to buy another one in December so my post may be a bit random until then because I am blogging from work. In the mean time, I have posted some pictures of what has been going in my world.

We said good bye to this little dude and graduated to the porcelain god who we have been treating with the ut-most respect.

I went to D.C. for my job and enjoyed it, as I do every time I go.

I ate at this restaurant while I was there. It was delicious!

They had the coolest credit card swipe machine that the waiter brought to the table. No identity theft going on there. The waiter thought I was crazy for taking this picture. I know, I don't get out much!

My kids and I hiked this mountain. My legs hurt for days! It was great time with the kids though! We are bring the hubs next time.

Here is a shot on the way down. Everyone was grouchy and hungry by this time and had bad bug bites. We'll be better prepared the next time.

Oh, the Pumpkin Patch--it was wet and muddy! But, we came prepared.

I got these cute boots for the trip. I should have taken a picture of his because they were cute, too!

It has been college football season in Arkansas and everywhere you go there is a Razorback icon. Two things we love in Arkansas: Wal-Mart and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Wooooo! Pig Sooie!

I shopped at a great consignment sale. I will never buy my kids new school uniforms again!

We started the school year off right. Took a couple of weeks for me, the teacher and him to get on the same page but there is evidence we actually go it together. Look out Sasha Obama--I am getting him right for you. I promise I won't turn him over until he is well prepared.

Last but not least--someone had a birthday and sadly all we did was take this picture. :( I know, I should be ashamed. Next year, it will be on and popping!

In the mean time, please don't give up on me. I love blogging and I am a blogger! I will be back at your blogs as well. Let the comments begin!

Go your thoughts....

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Thank you!


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