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I am an old blogger who has found their way back to the internet. I love being a mom, an African American, spending time with my husband and shopping online. I waste time on Facebook and I do not spend enough time on Twitter. Reading is my favorite past time but bad reality shows are my guilty pleasure. Here, I blog about parenting, businesses and their successes, and innovation.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome Year 30--Bring It On!

Yesterday was my birthday. I entered the 30 thirty club. I had no revelations about life nor did fall over into a depressed state. I simply received the birthday love and appreciated being here another year.

I had spoken to my mom the night before and she asked me if I had any bad feelings about turning 30 years old. I drew a blank. But, later I did start to think about the past thirty years and what I had accomplished. Of course, like most people I had dreams that changed as my life changed but I did accomplish most of them. I haven't had many goals set since college. So here are the new goals for the next 5 years of my life:

1.) Run a marathon (I have been slacking on the running.)
2.) Finish my master's degree (This has been in progress since 2007-I'm back at it)
3.) Go to law school (This is new and strange to me--more about this later)
4.) Have another child (Does this sound crazy or what considering #2 and #3)
5.) Write a book (life long dream)
6.) Go to an Oprah Show taping (I better hurry up on this one!)

There they are, out there in the blogosphere for all to judge. Maybe, I will set new goals after another five years has passed.

I did receive lots of phone calls at work, on my cell, and facebook was off the chain. I loved it!

Want to know what my smooth husband did for me?

He bought me this!

After what happened with the last one, he told me he would not buy another one. Yet, here is my new laptop!

Awwwww.......he loves me.


Grand Pooba said...

A pink laptop?! Your husband surely does love you! And happy birthday! I will be joining your club in two years so save me a spot. I love your new goals! My husband is going to law school too! Good luck!

Lynn said...

That is one cute laptop! I mourned turning 25 due to the moving up one on surveys now but after that I vowed not to care anymore. Which is why people always think I lie about my age because now I can never remember it!

My best, Lynn

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

OOOOOOOOOH can your hubby talk to mine? My 32nd is in January. And the fact that it's pink just puts icing on the cake! Happy Belated!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Happy 30th! The thirties are a wonderful time. Enjoy them...

Oh... and very cool laptop!

Intense Guy said...

Happy belated Birthday! Ohhhh! What a nice gift from the hubby!

I want to thank you for visiting my blog - and to wish you well with your getting your Master's Degree. May I ask what your degree *will* be in?

I apologize if my last blog entry wasn't too upbeat. That kind of gloomy day/post don't come over me that often. And p.s., yes, the Peacock actually got his own plate at the breakfast table!

African American Mom said...

@Intense Guy: MS in Community and Econiomic Development. I am a Community Developer by trade. I don't get a pay raise with it, I figure I can at least teach a couple of college courses...maybe while obtaining that law degree.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Happy belated birthday!! That's quite some present :)

And good luck on accomplishing your list. I have a makeshift "Things to do before I turn 30" list that I should really get going on.

Life with Kaishon said...

I think mapping out goals is such a wonderful thing! Way to go! Good luck with your dreams!

Heather said...

I think the thirties are WAYYY better than the 20s. There's a certain freedom to be yourself, I think.

I {heart} the pink laptop! I want one!

I have "Go to the taping of an Oprah Show" on my list too. If tickets were hard to get before, I bet they'll be downright impossible soon!

Sheliza said...

oooh cute!! I heard those laptops are really good. I better start nudging the husband NOW!!

Tooj said...

What a great list! I think I've just added law school to my list as well...crazy as it sounds since I have three kids in the house and a fourth on the way. ACK! Who do we think we are...superwomen???

Of course we are. :)

I know I'm late...but I hope your birthday celebration was extended and joyful.


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